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Kimberly M. Konopaski LMP, RYT

Owner and Creator of Sukha.

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Since a young age, I have felt a deep need to help comfort others through massage. After sustaining serious injuries in a car accident as a teen, the desire to alleviate pain in family and friends, became a driving passion that awakened me to my calling.


Graduating Valedictorian of my class from Ashmead Massage School in 2005, I have continued to excel in the field of healing. I studied a year of spa therapy, which includes wraps, scrubs, and Ayurveda treatments. I have an aromatherapy foundation and Hot Stone Certification. Other therapies include Deep Tissue, Myofascial Release, Trigger Point Therapy.  I am also a  Lomi Practitioner studying under Tom Cochran and Donna Jason since 2009.


My love of healing has taken me on adventures, including a trip to the Big Island of Hawai'i to learn Sacred Lomi, Hawaiian Temple Bodywork studying under Tom Cochran and Donna Jason.  I I continue to further my education in the Hawaiian practices of ho'oponopono. I have a  200hr yoga certification in which I studied a 2 years program under the instruction of Laura Yon-Brooks M.A., LMP, RYT, a teacher profiled in Yoga International Magazine.  I have certification in Reiki I & II under Norma Jean Young.  

My sanctuary,  is Sukha Healing Arts Center in Des Moines, WA. Sukha was created with the intention of having a heart-centered destination to assist you in finding your personal, divine truth. Sukha was started in a dream-book my daughter and I created on our trip to Bali and within 3 month upon returning from our trip the dream came alive. Through my travels and, with the support of loved ones, this dream is now a breathing reality.  I believe my ability to understand and listen to the body is a gift. Listening to the body and allowing unconditional love for the client allows the body and spirit to heal.

 A little about me, outside the realm of Sukha…I love spending time with my child, gardening, writing poetry, painting, jumping out of air planes, music, dancing, yoga, spending time with friends, cooking, reading, remodeling, traveling and learning. I want to learn to rock climb and continue to check off my bucket list.

Sending you love and light beyond today.
Mahalo, KK

Amber Goodman, LMT

Sukha Healing Arts Center In Des Moines, WA Amber Goodman
Hello!  My name is Amber Goodman.  I am a licensed massage therapist and shamanic practitioner, and founder of Healing Tree Therapeutics.  I attended massage school at The Academy of Natural Therapy in Eaton, Colorado, graduating in 2000.  I have been happily serving the Des Moines community for over nine years.  I am also a spiritual mentor and ceremonialist, with over nine years of Shamanic and Mentorship Training at the Sundust Oracle Institute in Seattle, Washington. 

I originally got into massage because of a deep desire to help people.  It wasn't until massage school and starting my own practice that I truly realized the potential of massage.  As a child I had injured my neck and broke my ribs twice.  Pain and discomfort was a part of my daily life - something I thought we all lived with,  After going to massage school, I completely changed my lifestyle.  I adopted the philosophy that I can only help another as much as I can help myself.  For me, this entails good nutrition, regular exercise, massage, chiropractic, sometimes acupuncture, and a lively spiritual practice.  I can honestly say I feel wonderful!  I no longer experience pain on a daily basis which allows me to really enjoy the work that I do. 

I truly believe we don't have to hurt.  There are so many things that we can do to help ourselves.  Through good nutrition, a little exercise or better yet-play, and an individually designed wellness plan that includes tapping into our spiritual intuition, we can greatly enhance life's quality.  I specialize in neuromuscular therapy, myofascial release, deep tissue pregnancy massage, injury treatment, wellness care and pain management for seniors. 

I hold deeply the understanding that true health can never be achieved if the soul is not tended to.  Often times, the bodily pain or mental anguish we suffer is an indication that one's soul is in despair, be it due to trauma that has happened years ago or that is currently happening.  Tending to the soul, like natural health modalities, helps a person exist more whole-heartedly.  Therefore, they are better equipped to handle the ups and downs of life with more love, compassion and vitality.  I facilitate this soul work by connecting directly to spirit through intuitive readings, soul retrieval, and helping guide the client in the way most suitable for them as they work to build their personal relationship with spirit. 

My other interests include creating art, gardening, sustainable living and helping youth. 

I would love to be a part of your wellness team!
Yours in health,


Sukha Healing Arts Center in Des Moines, WA Holly Resendez Pilates

(253) 204-9673


Therapeutic Pilates Specialist:

Holly graduated from Walla Walla University with a Bachelor of Science in Health and Fitness.  She has almost 2 decades of experience training clients one on one and continues to strive to learn and research more about functional movement.  Her passion is helping you find real solutions to your needs, so you can live the life you want.

Holly will help educate and give you skills that will effectively progress you from pain/ injury back to functional fitness.



Ann Ford

Sukha Healing Arts Center in Des Moines, WA Ann Ford
Ann has a background in fitness and has been teaching yoga since 2001. She completed her 200 hour certification training in the viniyoga tradition in 2004. Her classes range from Gentle Yoga to the energizing Power Yoga Flow. She will adapt her classes and meet the students where they are at.
She is also a yoga therapist ~ specializing in mind/body awareness and pain management. She is also a Reiki practitioner and loves working with the energetic qualities in the body.
Ann is available for private yoga/ therapeutic yoga sessions, reiki and fitness sessions.
Find out more about her and services provided at: