The Sukha Healing Arts Center... where Sukha Happens


The Sukha Healing Arts Center is dedicated to helping you live your fullest life through yoga and massage. We nourish your body and spirit with massage, including treatment massage, Reiki work, sacred Lomi Lomi and relaxation massage. Our yoga classes are delivered in our intimate yoga studio in Des Moines, WA. Our individually focused yoga classes are conductive to learning and growing your practice through quality teaching and meditation.. 


Sukha, in its simplistic “Sanskrit” translated form, means bliss, happiness, ease, pleasure or well being. The intention behind the Center is to create a space that will allow each individual to become more present, to find their Sukha! We have created a place to find peace, love, and acceptance. Awaken your divinity and find your truth at Sukha Healing Arts Center.

If you are looking for massage or yoga classes in the south Seattle area we want to invite you to become a part of our community.